Sermons by Guest Speakers:

Every now and again, we feature guests from around the Valley of the Sun, throughout the United States and from around the world to speak at North Chapel of Fountain Hills. We hope you enjoy learning from these leaders of agencies, projects and churches. (For searching ease, they are listed in alphabetical order by their last names.)


Huron Claus

March 11, 2018:
Interview with Huron Claus


September 11, 2016:
Interview with Huron Claus

Pastor John Covell

June 4, 2017: Pastor John Covell
"How to Handle What You Think You Can’t Handle"

Dr. Darryl DelHousaye

October 1, 2017: Dr. Darryl DelHousaye
Let Go & Let God


November 6, 2016: Dr. Darryl DelHousaye
Psalm 23

Dr. Kent DelHousaye

In the sermon entitled, "Wrestling with God", Dr. Kent DelHousaye of Agape Project teaches about how wrestling with God tends to be painful yet leads to a blessing from God, if we are willing to fight until the end of our trials.

September 10, 2017: Dr. Kent DelHousaye
"The Importance of Relationships"


February 19, 2017: Dr. Kent DelHousaye
"Wrestling with God" – A teaching on Genesis 32:22-31

Willie Dudley

November 20, 2016: Willie Dudley
Acts 8 - The Ethiopian


July 3, 2016: Willie Dudley
Nehemiah 5


August 7, 2016: Willie Dudley
Nehemiah 10

Dr. Jason Fritz

October 23, 2016: Pastor Jason Fritz
Stress Management

Pastor Joseph Gordon

In the sermon entitled, "Scammed?", Pastor Joseph Gordon of Scottsdale Bible Church teaches about how to make better decisions and, thus, avoid getting scammed into making the ill-advised decisions that create negative effects in life.  

February 5, 2017: Pastor Joseph Gordon
"SCAMMED?" – A teaching on Joshua 9:1-15

Christopher & Amanda Moore
of Reigning Grace Ranch (RGR)

May 28, 2017: Christopher & Amanda Moore
How RGR is Changing the Lives of At-Risk Kids


Pastor Neil Montgomery

December 31, 2017: Pastor Neal Montgomery
The Secret to Revival


July 9, 2017: Pastor Neal Montgomery
How do we be the Light?


September 4, 2016: Pastor Neil Montgomery
"How to Grow Up"