Biblical Teaching Series

The Bible is living and breathing, and it just as relevant today as it was in ages gone by. Biblical series taught at North Chapel focus on issues, topics and struggles that we all face today. Select the series you desire to watch below. 


A La Carté

The A La Carte' series features a variety of guest speakers that North Chapel has had the pleasure to host, along with Pastor Bobby Brewer. Their teachings cover a multitude of topics including how to distinguish false teachers, stress management, wrestling with God, how to avoid being deceived and other topics.

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An Exile's Guide to Living

In "An Exile's Guide to Living," Pastor Bobby teaches how Christians should live during troubled times.

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The Gifts of Christmas

"Are you ready for Christmas?" is a popular question that we ask and are asked this time of year. Generally, it's a cordial way to make conversation about your plans or how far along you are with your shopping, decorating, Christmas cards, etc.  

2000 years ago, John the Baptist paraphrased a different question: "Are you ready for Jesus?" As we spend some time on the key themes of Advent (hope, love, joy, and peace), "The Gifts of Christmas" sermon series, taught by Pastor Bobby Brewer, may cause you to see this question very differently than you ever did before.

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If you could ask God any question, what would it be? Would it be, "Why does a good God allow suffering?" How about, "What really happens when I die?" Or, "Do all roads or all religions lead to you?" "Is Jesus really your son?" "Is the Bible true and can I trust what it says?"

These are all great questions. In this series, we explore these questions.

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Ushering in a new era, the earthly ministry of Jesus changed everything. Jesus made it crystal clear that God is on our side, doing everything possible to save us. Somewhat surprisingly, Jesus selected 12 apprentices, aka disciples, with the ultimate purpose of carrying on His mission following His departure.  This meant that everything, (really, everything) had to be re-centered and reset.  One of the twelve chosen to record and implement this "reset" was a former tax collector-Matthew.  

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The so-called "chosen people" were seemingly in decline. God seemed distant.  A superpower, Babylon, had exiled them to a foreign land and left Jerusalem and the temple in ruins.  For over a century and a half they were hanging on by a thread. Disturbed by both the physical and spiritual welfare of his people, Nehemiah puts feet to his prayers and begins to rebuild the glorious ruins.  You can too.

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