Series: A La Carté

The A La Carté series features a variety of guest speakers that North Chapel has had the pleasure to host, along with Pastor Bobby Brewer. Their teachings cover a multitude of topics including distinguishing false teachers, living without fear, stress management, wrestling with God and a host of other topics.

You can choose to watch the messages by alphabetical order of the speaker or by the date a speaker taught.

Speaker in Alphabetical Order

Speaker in Order of Date


3/10 Pastor Don Lawrence
“A River Runs Through It”

3/9 Willie Dudley
“Collision of Worldviews”

2/3 Dr. Darryl DelHousaye
“Psalm 13”


10/28 Pastor Don Lawrence
“Why Believe in the Deity of Christ?”

10/27 Joel Cunningham
“The Process of Dreaming”

10/19 Joel Cunningham
“Go Therefore”

6/27 Willie Dudley
“Interest Equals Education”

4/29 Pastor Rance Meyers
“Let’s Talk”

3/17 & 18 Dr. Bobby Brewer
“Navigating Through the Dark Ages of Life”

3/13 Dr. Bobby Brewer
“Filling of the Jars = Blessing”


12/31 Pastor Neil Montgomery
“The Secret of Revival”

10/1 Dr. Darryl DelHousaye
“Let Go & Let God“

9/10 Dr. Kent DelHousaye
“The Importance of Relationships”

7/9 Pastor Neil Montgomery
“How Do We Be the Light?”

6/4 Pastor John Covell
“How to Handle What You Think You Can’t Handle”

5/14 Dr. Bobby Brewer
“John 2”

2/5 Pastor Joseph Gordon


11/20 Willie Dudley
“Acts 23”

11/13 Dr. Bobby Brewer
“Entering the Promised Land”

11/6 Dr. Darryl DelHousaye
“Psalm 23”

10/30 Dr. Bobby Brewer
“Spreading the Gospel”

10/23 Dr. Jason Fritz
“Stress Management”

9/4 Pastor Neil Montgomery
“How to Grow Up”

1/9 Dr. Kent DelHousaye
“Wrestling with God”