Christmas Cards from God


Dear Lonely Heart,
“Its not good to be alone.” I was the one who said those words immediately after I created the first human, and so I know that they apply to you as well. I was the one who created you with a longing for relationship. So, when you feel disconnectedness of isolation over Christmas - as you are feeling right now, I know why you feel that way. I see this and I have heard all of your prayers. But don’t forget that I’m with you always (
Mt. 28:20) and that I love you.

Dear Unhealthy,
You never thought it would happen to you, did you? For so many years your body always did what you needed…your body did what you wanted it to do, but this Christmas it seems different. I need you to know that I understand the limitation of the human body. I created it. I created it as your temporary housing for your soul and in heaven you’ll have a glorified body. But between now and then, no matter what set backs your body may have, remember that I dwell with you. In fact you are my temple. (
1 Cor. 3:16).

Dear Busy,
Whenever I look at you, I see a blur of activity with a contrail of exhaustion. You seem to have less and less time for me; and thus less time for the things that are important to Me. I admire your drive but what you are looking for will never come your way by adding more things to your plate, or by pleasing more people, I know the way to the still waters and I know the way to the the truly greener pastures (
Ps. 23:2). Trust me, before its too late.

Dear Independent,
Believe it or not, I actually like your self-discipline and your determination. My problem is that you do not acknowledge me as the source (
James 1:17). You’ve taken my gifts, built yourself a great life, and ignored me. Yet I actually have plans for you that would blow you away! But you are so self-absorbed there’s not any room for my grace and power to operate. So, this Christmas I’d like to ask a gift from you; a thank you. And I’d simply like to be included in your plans.

Dear Guilty,
What you did was wrong. You know it, I know it. But my Son was born to die for these wrongs (
Lk. 2:10, 11) and that includes what you did. My grace can allow you to enjoy this Christmas. So stop beating yourself up over it. If you ask I will forgive you. It’s the best gift of all and the one gift you’ll never want to return.

Dear Backslidden,
When you first began to wander away from me you probably had no idea that you would wind up in a spiritual ditch and here it is Christmas. It has been hard for me to watch you lose your way over the years. You are far from home. I miss you. But you can come home tonight. The light is on for you and I have left a key for you under the mat. Nothing would make me happier than to see you home for Christmas. Come home. I’m waiting for you. (
Lk. 15:20).

Dear Blessed,
Enjoy my goodness this Christmas! I’m happy to see you joyful! The rekindled relationship, romance, the new baby I gave you, your material blessings. There is a time for dancing and this is one of them. Thank you for keeping your eyes on me. I’ve seen all that you’ve been doing for Me, You’ve kept your ears attentive to me this past year and I’ve noticed (
2 Chron. 16:9). I’ve seen your faithfulness, your giving, your service and I have even more blessings in store for you.