Food Labels & Jesus Flavoring


Do you ever read food labels? What exactly is chocolate flavoring? Is there any real cocoa in Count Chocula? Were any real strawberries actually used to make that pop tart?

Since 1994 the FDA has required that food labels list the ingredients in order of their volume. Thus, whatever the food is primarily composed of is the first ingredient and then the other ingredients are listed in descending order.

There were a number of indicators pointing towards Jesus as the Messiah (e.g. place of birth, a descendant of David, type of ministry, ability to give sight to the blind, type of death, etc). Most living in Israel in the first century were well aware of these indicators, but they had somehow overlooked the essential ingredient, that the Messiah would be God in the flesh or as the Message says, “The Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood” (John 1:14).

Somehow, some way, many of the biblically literate Hebrews of the first century had missed this most important ingredient—the Deity of the Messiah, Jesus. Matthew records Jesus seeking to remind them of this qualifier by questioning them on Psalm 110:1 (c.f. Mt. 22:41-46).

If your faith (or spiritual organization) sees Jesus as anything less than God, it’s missing the main ingredient and is simply “Jesus flavoring”. The fact that Jesus is God means that He alone has the credentials to offer forgiveness and everlasting life.

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