Our Manure is better than their Manure


In 1994, the AP reported on a demonstration by Indian farmers in New Dehli who were protesting the government's plan to import 3 million tons of manure to use as fertilizer. Why? The Indian farmers pointed out that since they were vegetarians they had plenty of cows and therefore plenty of cow manure. Furthermore, because pesticides hadn’t tainted it, they said that their cow manure was better. So in protest, the Indian farmers held protests with signs that read “Our Manure is better than their Manure”.

Perhaps, but its still manure.

Any sin, great or small, will separate us from the relationship that God desires to have with you.

Imagine if all of your creditors showed up demanding payment. Most of us would be hard pressed to deliver on the spot (this is why we make payments). But imagine if it was pay up now or else go to prison for life. But then to your great surprise the creditor suddenly says, “Actually I just got a message that all of your debt has been paid in full.” “Everything?” you ask. “Everything. In fact all of your debts have been paid, this even includes future debts.”

In Luke 7:42, Jesus reminds a Pharisee that whether great or small, we’re all in debt to Jesus for our forgiveness. Regardless of the amount, Jesus forgives debt. He offers us a new way of life, a clean slate. Whether your sins are considered great or small, if you ask Jesus to forgive you, He will.

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