The Good News Club

Shellye Skotnick  Children’s Ministry Leader

Shellye Skotnick
Children’s Ministry Leader

Having a hard time trying to get your kids to want to go to church? Our Good News Club—that meets during our 10am church service—is the answer!

What is the Good News Club?

This action packed time includes a Bible lesson followed by songs, puppet shows, memorizing verses and games that children love to engage in.

At North Chapel, we recognize that, as parents, you are the primary influence in your child’s spirituality, so it is our desire to partner with you in guiding your children into a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. Our goal is simple: provide a safe environment where your children grow in a well-grounded faith and build a lasting relationship with God.

In an effort to best share Biblical teachings, our teachers undergo in-depth training of the “Good News Club” curriculum provided by Child Evangelism Fellowship. We aspire to help your children in the following areas:

  • Strengthen their understanding of who God is

  • Deepen their relationship with their heavenly Father

  • Learn the importance of loving like Jesus loves

  • Desire to serve others

We hope you will make North Chapel your home church and grow in your relationship with God as a family … alongside with our family.

Questions | Contact Shellye Skotnick @ 602-616-7353

*Your child’s security is extremely important to us. Therefore, each of our teachers are fingerprinted and their background is checked yearly.