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Mountains & Valleys

The first step was straightforward, believing in Jesus for my salvation. The second step is more challenging-following Him the way the first disciples did. We can continue with business as usual and live by the same standards as the culture around us, but what if we really followed Him? What would the consequences be if you followed Him the way He’s always you to? What will the rewards be? Now that it was clear that the disciples had come to understand that Jesus was indeed the long awaited Messiah, He proceeded to remind them of the costs of following Him. There would be intense opposition and hardship.  I doubt if any of today’s marketing firms would look forward to advertising this.  Jesus, however, is the Truth and He’s upfront. There’s no “bait and switch” with Him. Nevertheless, He also reminds us that in lieu of the splendor of heaven, this unpleasantness will be inconsequential. The invitation remains, “if anyone will come after Me…”