Past Series & Sermons:


Ushering in a new era, the earthly ministry of Jesus changed everything. Jesus made it crystal clear that God is on our side, doing everything possible to save us. Somewhat surprisingly, Jesus selected 12 apprentices, aka disciples, with the ultimate purpose of carrying on His mission following His departure.  This meant that everything, (really, everything) had to be re-centered and reset.  One of the twelve chosen to record and implement this "reset" was a former tax collector-Matthew.  

January 8, 2017: Pastor Bobby Brewer
An Introduction to Matthew


January 15, 2017: Pastor Bobby Brewer
Matthew 2 – The Good News


January 22, 2017: Pastor Bobby Brewer
Matthew 4 – Temptation


January 29, 2017: Pastor Bobby Brewer
Matthew 4 – The Beginning of the Ministry of Jesus



"Are you ready for Christmas?" is a popular question that we ask and are asked this time of year. Generally, it's a cordial way to make conversation about your plans or how far along you are with your shopping, decorating, Christmas cards, etc.  

2000 years ago, John the Baptist paraphrased a different question: "Are you ready for Jesus?" As we spend some time on the key themes of Advent (hope, love, joy, and peace), The Gifts of Christmas sermon series, taught by Pastor Bobby Brewer, may cause you to see this question very differently than you ever did before.

December 4, 2016: Pastor Bobby Brewer
Advent - The Hope Found Within


December 11, 2016: Pastor Bobby Brewer
Advent - The Love He Gave


December 18, 2016: Pastor Bobby Brewer
Advent - Joy


December 25, 2016: Pastor Bobby Brewer
Advent - Peace


Special messages from guest speakers, such as Kent DelHousaye, Joseph Gordon, Jason Fritz, Darryl DelHousaye, and Bobby Brewer, on issues and topics of our times.

February 19, 2017: Dr. Kent DelHousaye
"Wrestling with God" – A teaching on Genesis 32:22-31


February 5, 2017: Pastor Joseph Gordon
"SCAMMED?" – A teaching on Joshua 9:1-15


October 23, 2016: Pastor Jason Fritz
Stress Management


October 30, 2016: Pastor Bobby Brewer
Spreading the Gospel


November 6, 2016: Dr. Darryl DelHousaye
Psalm 23


November 13, 2016: Pastor Bobby Brewer
Entering the Promised Land


November 20, 2016: Willie Dudley
Acts 8 - The Ethiopian


In "An Exile's Guide to Living", Pastor Bobby is teaching how Christians should live during troubled times. Below is the series with the  most recent sermon at the top. 


September 11, 2016:
Interview with Huron Claus

September 4, 2016:
How To Grow Up: Pastor Neil Montgomery

Nehemiah Series

The so-called "chosen people" were seemingly in decline. God seemed distant.  A superpower, Babylon, had exiled them to a foreign land and left Jerusalem and the temple in ruins.  For over a century and a half they were hanging on by a thread. Disturbed by both the physical and spiritual welfare of his people, Nehemiah puts feet to his prayers and begins to rebuild the glorious ruins.  You can too.

June 5, 2016: Bobby Brewer
Nehemiah 1


June 12, 2016: Bobby Brewer
Nehemiah 2


June 19, 2016: Bobby Brewer
Nehemiah 3


June 26, 2016: Bobby Brewer
Nehemiah 4


July 3, 2016: Willie Dudley
Nehemiah 5


July 10, 2016: Bobby Brewer
Nehemiah 6


July 24, 2016: Bobby Brewer
Nehemiah 8


July 31, 2016: Bobby Brewer
Nehemiah 9


August 7, 2016: Willie Dudley
Nehemiah 10


August 14, 2016: Bobby Brewer
Nehemiah 11


August 28, 2016: Bobby Brewer
Nehemiah 13